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While the Storm Rages

It is September 1939 and with war looming, Noah’s dad goes off to fight. Noah promises to take special care of Mum and their beloved dog Winn, as Dad says that knowing they are okay will help him to stay safe too.


When he learns of the government recommendation to have pets put down before the bombs start falling, Noah is devastated. He adores Winn and is terrified that, if he breaks his promise to keep her safe, Dad may not return from the war. Noah hastily devises a plan to transport Winn – and as many other animals as he can – to safety.


Thankfully, he is accompanied by his best friend Clem, whose unwavering loyalty, quick thinking and practical suggestions help keep them on track. They are joined on their eventful journey by an eclectic mix of creatures, including a hat-wearing donkey, two mischievous kittens and an alarmingly large python.


Inspired by true events, this poignant tale is full of heart. It provides a moving insight into the everyday effects of war on young children and demonstrates the importance of compassion, friendship and determination. Beautifully balanced with moments of humour, this compelling historical novel is a joy to read.

While the Storm Rages

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