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The Night The Moon Went Missing

Lucy is trying to find the moon! Moon has left the night sky -- but why? Join us and let's find out if she can find him again.

Lucy, a little girl, loves to look up at the night sky and spot the moon. What she doesn't know is that Moon feels like nobody cares for him and decides to disappear. This cute children's picture book teaches children that they are cherished -- even if they don't feel it.

The Night the Moon Went Missing is a wonderful and colorful illustration of how priceless each one of us is. Inside, you'll find:

- Full page, beautiful illustrations in a distinct style.
- Age-appropriate text, ideal for reading aloud.
- A strong message about love and how valuable everyone is.
- Gently teaches young readers of the importance of the Moon.

Every evening Moon likes to watch the people down on Earth. Space can be a lonely place! Yet, there's one problem: when Sun is out, everybody on Earth is happy to see him. When Moon is out, everyone goes to sleep. This makes Moon very sad. But, what he doesn't know is that little Lucy loves to look up at him, and one night she notices that Moon is gone. Lucy sets off to find Moon! Will Lucy find Moon, and will Moon learn how much everybody loves her?

The colorful illustrations and easy-to-read, engaging storyline will captivate the imaginations of children ages 3-5. The bedtime story will teach kids how to recognize their emotions, and that they are valued and loved by the people around them. This children's STEM book also tells kids why the Moon is so important, and is a wonderful addition to every child's bookshelf.

The Night The Moon Went Missing

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