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Once Upon a Raindrop

Why is the moon so dry when the Earth has oceans and rivers and snow and ice?


This rhyming and poetical picture book brilliantly introduces the concept of the water cycle and the value of water in our lives. From the possible origins of water on Earth and the formation of oceans, to the cycle of evaporation and precipitation (though without using these technical terms), the author uses simple but evocative language that summons the rushing, dripping, ever-changing movement of water and how vital it is in our everyday lives.


Perfect for sharing with young children eager to know a more about our world, it also makes a wonderful text for older readers, for example as a starting point for science and art-based activities, or to be turned into a sensory story. Look out for some of James Carter’s other brilliant non-fiction picture books too, Once Upon a Star and Once Upon a Rhythm.

Once Upon a Raindrop

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